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A building or space is ultimately bland when it is lacking in any form of lustre, décor or design. The ambience of a specified area blossoms from its aesthetic combinations and of course, purposeful implementation. The design applies to interior and exterior areas as both regions deserve to be made to come alive.

However, the interior design of a building; such as a house or a room, or even an office, takes a special kind of vision to put together. Interior design is an art and art is first visualised and then conceptualised in order to be brought to life. These décor concepts and/or designs range from executing stylish and fashionable procedures to inputting actual elements that are both up to par and yet fit perfectly into the giant scheme of things.

What interior design looks like in 2019

Style is never out of fashion but trend is always on the move. This year, we’ve had all sorts of new introductions to interior decorating. Some trends are scintillating while others leave you semi-speechless or simply in awe. Nevertheless, the year 2019 beckons on us all and premonitions have already begun to spring forth. As we look forward to the New Year, here are a few interior design trends that will eventually seize the year.

Terrazzo the comeback king.

The composite made up of marble, glass, quartz and a few other stones (rocks) are an oldie of sorts. This design option dates back centuries. It is used mostly on floors and sometimes walls. The terrazzo will most likely be making a comeback in 2019 and will possibly be spun into action in very unique fashion.

The Terrazzo being used in a bathroom

The roof is on fire.

The roof is not on fire, but it is safe to say it will be lit in colourful adornment engulfed in a variety of patterns this coming year. The use of distinctively painted ceilings to make a daring statement, have been rumoured to resurface.

Pattern ceiling design for 2019

A touch of earth.

A lot of designs next year are going to crave that earthy feel. There’s going to be needed for a lot of wooden-oriented designs and furniture in 2019. The warmth that comes with the design carries an overwhelming sense of nature.

Earth design set to take over 2019 interior design

In touch with tradition.

Native-inspired designs, either on prints or otherwise, create a sense of familiarity in addition to the steadfast consistency in its geometric conclusion. It is a breath of fresh air for interior design, in modern times like this where rigidity is the order of the day.

Ever green Traditional Japanese design

Go green.

This isn’t about the colour, but even more so about cultivating the habit or culture of inserting more eco-friendly materials in our designs. We are often advised to give back to our environment, to the planet; inputting a design such as a plant wall would be just as healthy and chic at the same time and as such, a trend to be expected in 2019.

All about green

The colour of 2019.

As far as interior design for 2019 goes, the colour that suits or rather will most probably dominate the designs of interior decorators, is the coined night-watch green. It projects a less conspicuous mood than that of the typical green.

The Colour of the Year

These are just a few trend predictions for the year 2019. A lot more is supposed to emerge as the year rolls by as trends are nothing if not perpetually changing and constantly evolving.

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