Before You Renovate Your Home

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Your house is more or less the one place you find complete solace. It represents a place of comfort, safety and peace, especially after a tedious day. Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, and as the years roll by, this homely structure begins gradually to give way. The need to renovate becomes quite imminent, with the signs of old age and the obsoleteness of your home’s decor and structural design begging for a revision.

However, no matter how pressing the need to renovate may be, one cannot impulsively jump into a project to recondition one’s house or home. There are certain precepts and considerations to achieving a successful and cost-effective renovation, that a homeowner must adhere to.


The reasons for renovating a house can number up to a few things, that include; for a personal upgrade and/or for resale value. Whatever the reasons, it is pertinent to have these motives factored into your renovation project, its costing and overall budget alike. Some the things to consider before and when renovating include;

Establishing a budget before you renovate.

A renovation project with a predetermined budget will help you immensely in managing your expenses. With numbers running towards £20,000 and upwards for adding extensions or recreating whole areas, it is only wise to have a predefined budget. Also, many houses with gardens may involve retouches costing more than £1,000 and so on and so forth. Whatever the case is, creating a budget and sticking to it will keep you guided during the entire process.


The scale of preference.

As much as you would like to touch up every single place or redesign every single room that needs attention, you’ve got to place priority on areas that will increase the value of the property. In London for example, it is typical to covert basement spaces into a more livable area. Whereas, in other places in the UK, this is not a common practice and might come across as off-putting to potential estate agents. Other redevelopments like converting existing spaces into extra rooms, will benefit a homeowner looking to resell his property in a neighbourhood that has large families. This becomes, of course, vice versa when the case is not the same.

Scale of Preference

Scale of Preference

The little things.

Some things which may seem insignificant to repair or replace should not be overlooked. These things are often put aside or easily ignored. Checking the roofs and replacing missing tiles, checking for rot, damp and cracks are a few things that should not be waved off. Stuff like preserving a ground floor bathroom cannot be overemphasized. They are quite common in old houses and expensive to repair if left untouched. The cost of creating a new bathroom in the UK is anywhere from £1,500 to £2,500.

Contingency plan for accommodation elsewhere.

Renovations can be tedious and may take a while. You want to have a contingency plan for alternative accommodation, should renovations get messy or render your house inhabitable.


Unplanned eventualities and unforeseen costs.

During renovations, the probability of incurring unforeseen costs is very likely. A lot of moving parts and facilities including replacement of structures will result in a mess that costs money to clear up. You must plan for that. Lastly, literally anything can happen and this may include extra costs and/or extra work.

Plan for the unexpectedPlan for the unexpected

These factors are just a few things to consider before attempting to renovate your house or certain spaces in your home. Your renovations must be tailor-made to your desires and most especially, fitted to your budget. A house in the UK can be efficiently renovated with budgets heavily dependent on the square foot of the house and the highlighted needs.

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