Help for First Time-Buyers of Houses in the UK

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Making the decision to buy a house is definitely a big deal, primarily because you buying the house means you are spending money and you would be expecting value, as a first-time buyer. Well, often times when we make a big purchase, our expectation far outweighs the reality leaving so disappointed. You definitely would not want a repeat of such an incident with the object being your house. Getting a house in the United Kingdom is a really classy achievement but would not be bringing smiles to your face when you realize you made the wrong choice, or you failed to properly plan for it. 

A New HouseA New House

Firstly, you need to make sure your decisions are not being clouded by your excitement because that is the easiest way into the wrong doors. There would be a lot of suggestions and opinions, but you really need to relax and make sure your judgement is clear and right before you can put into consideration the following parameters that would be mentioned. Below are a few tips to help you with your first buy;


It is important you have a price range which should be decided upon after a detailed research and comparison of different house options. This price range is what informs the amount you save towards the purchase of your house, the savings made should basically include your deposits. Purchasing a house in the United Kingdom requires a deposit and the least that is accepted as a deposit is 5% of the actual amount for the house, some houses may request for more than 5%, so be aware of the percentage that will be required of you as a deposit.

House For SaleHouse For Sale

Stamp Duty

Also, most houses in the UK are levied “stamp-duty”, this can be rather expensive, and the rates differ from house to house. You need to double-check and make sure the rates are not tearing your pockets apart.

Stamp Duty RatesStamp Duty Rates


Get an Agent

If you want to have a worthwhile experience that will also come with less stress while purchasing a house, then you should do yourself a favour and get an agent, it is vital that you get one with a good track record. Like it or not, they know this space better than you.

Housing Agent Showing A Couple A New HouseHousing Agent Showing A Couple A New House

The Location

The environment of your house is as important as your house itself, it has to be conducive for you, so your house does not begin to give you discomfort. Relate with the neighbours of your prospective house and ask all you need to.

Check for Damages

No matter our beautiful a house may appear, houses remain houses and they are all prone to damages, do not neglect any area. Also, make sure that all the fittings and fixtures are in place.

Construction Workers Working On A Damaged HouseConstruction Workers Working On A Damaged House

In conclusion, it is difficult to settle on a house that meets the expectations of your budgeted saving and dreams. But it is always best to do your research on the areas we have highlighted before making your decision.

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