Making the most of limited space

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So you’ve got a small apartment, so what!?! At the very least you paid good money for it. Many people who complain about how small their living spaces are don’t know that owning a bigger apartment can also be a burden. The real challenge is what you do with it.

Whereas some people in bigger accommodations can’t figure out what to do with all that space, some folks with small apartments have found ways to make theirs fulfilling. If you think your space is too small, whether it’s a room or an apartment, you should see the other candidate with a lot of room who doesn’t know what to do with it. Having a big apartment and managing to still make it look like nothing but a large storage room with a few objects, is sure worse than owning a small space.

A big space means you have to come up with ideas to fill the room, which is more tasking than having to come up with just enough ideas to dominate your small space. The extra credit here is, you get the opportunity to make your small space cosy and still make it seem bigger. It’s all about the impression. If you meddle with the perspective, the impression will change.

There are ways to make your small space seem bigger. It’s just two tips or tricks if you like, but they’d do wonders for your small space.

Engage With The Use of Furniture.

If there are chairs especially, or any piece of furniture at all in the space, pull it away from the walls. People often want to align chairs and other furniture next to the wall of a room. But pulling them a bit farther from, gives an impression that the room has a lot more space.

While we’re still on the subject of furniture, employ a unique set. Fill the room with furniture that makes a statement. It may not necessarily have to be big, but it should make a statement.

Striped furniture will make almost anything seem longer. So a striped rug on the floor or striped curtains hanging at the sides of the room will almost cause an optical illusion that presents your space as longer than it really is.

Engage With The Use of Paint.

Paint is a very potent element in making small spaces seem big or much bigger than they are. If you paint your ceilings with eye-catching, attention-grabbing designs, you would’ve succeeded in making your space seem more vertical hence, bigger. Whether it’s with paint or a wallpaper, if you can get people to look up every time they walk into your space, your room suddenly goes all the way up.

Still, on the topic of paint, use light colours on your walls and you’d have succeeded in expanding the room. Remember, it’s all about perspective. Light colours will make the walls seem farther than they really are.

Do not underestimate the power of colour coding. If you have shelves hanging on the walls, (hang them high up and close to the ceilings, this alone helps) arrange the books or the items in them in a colour code. There’s an illusion with small items arranged in the same colour that causes a sudden optical expansion.

These are just a few tips on how you can enlarge your small spaces. If applied properly and meticulously, you’d be able to switch your small space to a big one at will.

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