Top Tips For Selling Your Home This Summer

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There is a lot to think about when you’re selling your home. Whether it’s the conveyancing costs for selling, preparing your house for viewing or worrying about a delayed process, it’s important to factor everything into the selling process.

From the importance of a tidy garden to why you should declutter, this article will feature the best tips for selling your home in the summer. Follow these tips to ensure your house is fully prepared for a house viewing in the summer.


Tidy Your Garden


The first thing buyers will look for, especially in the warm summer months, is a nice garden. Spend some time tidying up your garden area by mowing the lawn, digging out weeds and sweeping leaves from winter.

Add a few plants and flowers in colourful pots to create an attractive space. Selling your home or not, having a tidy and presentable garden is proven to add value to the price of your property anyway.


Set up your garden table, chairs and BBQ that has been hiding in the garage throughout the Winter months to make the area look more appealing. The buyer will want to see themselves living in your house, so creating an enjoyable garden space will be an attractive feature for many buyers.


Create Natural Light


To best show off your home and everything it has to offer, you will need to have good lighting. Open all of the curtains and blinds to allow as much natural light to shine in on your home as possible.


By creating a light, bright and airy atmosphere around your house, you’re allowing the buyer to see the full potential of your home as well as letting them imagine themselves living there. Try and keep the walls as neutral and light as possible to act as a blank canvas for the buyer.


Avoid decorating in bold patterns or bright colours just before arranging house viewings, your house should be as neutral as you can make it to appeal to every buyer’s tastes.




You should declutter before selling your home whatever the season, but decluttering in the summer will help to create a minimal and fresh feel to your home for viewers. By decluttering your home before a house viewing, you allow the potential buyer to imagine themselves living in your house.


Try and temporarily depersonalise some touches in your home such as bold posters or prints as this also helps to let the buyer view the house as if it was their own and gives the sense of a brand new house.


Decluttering your home before moving house will also help you to have a fresh start in your new home by getting rid of items you haven’t used for years.


Create a Fresh Smell


Whether it’s from fresh flowers around the house or air fresheners and sprays, potential buyers will want to know the house is clean. If the house has bad odours from smoke and pets, it could put off buyers from seeing the full potential of your home. Open up the windows to improve air quality and avoid stuffiness in the summer weather.


Buy a few cheap bunches of flowers and dot them around the house to freshen and brighten up each room. Make sure you have air fresheners in a few rooms that will release a fresh and clean smell throughout the week and each house viewing you have.


For an extra fresh smell around your house, just before you have a viewing, spray air freshener or room spray around the whole house. If you really want to impress and have some free time, bake some bread or cakes so you have a homely smell lingering too.


To successfully sell your home in the summer, follow these simple top tips.

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