Buyers Guide

Do I deal with Kallars, or the vendor directly?

  • You will be dealing with one of our agents throughout the entire process, from the viewing to the completion of the sale.
  • Please feel free to telephone the office should you need advice, or help with instructing a solicitor if you wish to proceed with the sale.

Step 1. Register with us for 24/7 access to My Area

  • To find your ideal property, we need to know your requirements. You can register with us either online, by phone or by visiting our offices.
  • Once you have registered with us, one of our consultants will assess your search criteria and send you details of suitable properties by SMS or email.
  • You will have 24/7 access to “My Area” where you can amend your search criteria, access email alerts, make offers, arrange viewings and more.

Step 2. How much can you afford?

  • Before you begin your search, it's advisable to arrange your finances and (if required) get a 'Mortgage in Principle'. This is a conditional offer made by a mortgage lender that they will "in principle" give you the loan you have discussed with them.
  • Our partners, a firm of professional, independent financial advisors, would be pleased to provide you with a free, no obligation consultation on what mortgage options are available to you, and the associated costs. Contact us to find out more.

Step 3. Put your own home on the market

  • If you are also selling your current home, it is advisable to put your property on the market before looking for a new home.
  • This puts you in a better position to proceed, thus increasing your chances your chances of securing your dream home.
  • If you would like us to help you sell your home, thenclick here to arrange a free, no-obligation valuation of your home. Alternatively you can contact us directly.

Step 4. Start your property search

  • Begin your search here, or let us help you find the property you are looking for by registering here. We can keep you constantly up-to-date via email and SMS alerts, even before properties get listed on our website and portals!

Step 5. Viewings

  • This is the fun bit! Once you have found a property you would like to view, you will need to get in touch to book a viewing. You will meet either one of our agents, or the vendor.
  • Book your viewing online...
  • 1. Register here
  • 2. Search for a property
  • 3. Click the button to "Book a viewing" found on the property details page.
  • This will take you to ‘My Area’ and automatically add the property to your portfolio giving you the option to select a preferred viewing timeslot.
  • Alternatively, please contact us on 0203 848 1399

Step 6. Making an offer

  • Once you find your perfect property you can make an offer through 'My Area' or with your agent.
  • We will put your offer to them verbally and in writing.
  • Sometimes there may be a process of price negotiation and by working with us, both vendor and buyer can benefit from the expertise of our consultants, who will work hard to facilitate an agreeable outcome that delivers the best result for all.
  • At this point you may need to demonstrate that you can proceed by providing evidence of your mortgage in principle.
  • There are no legal obligations by either party until contracts are signed.

Step 7. Offer accepted

  • At this point we will:
    - Prepare a memorandum of sale
    - Confirm the agreed price with all parties
    - Confirm your solicitor
    - Confirm mortgage details
  • Now is the time to instruct your solicitor to proceed with the conveyancing process and go ahead with your mortgage application.

Step 8. Instruct a solicitor

  • Instructing an efficient and experienced solicitor is the key to ensuring your purchase is handled smoothly. If you need assistance appointing a solicitor, just get in touch and we will talk you through your options.

Step 9. Conveyancing

Your solicitor will:
  • Your solicitor will:
    - Receive a draft contract from the seller's solicitor
    - Carry out searches and investigation of title
    - Agree on a date for exchange of contracts
  • We will assist your solicitor throughout the process, and keep you informed every step of the way in via our live sales progress tracker in ‘My Area’.

Step 10. Survey and mortgage offer

  • A property survey will be carried out by a surveyor on behalf of the mortgage lender to identify any structural problems and advise on the property's value.
  • Once the survey report is received by the lender, a formal mortgage offer will be sent to you and your solicitor which you will need to sign before it is returned.
  • There are no legal obligations until contracts are signed.

Step 11. Exchange of contracts

  • The transaction and completion date will become legally binding on the exchange of contracts. The deposit will be sent to the seller's solicitor and a request for your mortgage advance to be paid from your lender.

Step 12. Completion

  • Completion happens on the eagerly awaited ‘moving day’ and once the full purchase price is transferred to the seller's solicitor. We will release the keys once the money has cleared in the seller's account.
  • Congratulations on your new home!